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New Thinking for a New World – a Tällberg Foundation Podcast

Aiming to provoke people to think — and therefore act — differently about the issues that are shaping our future, the Tällberg Foundation is sharing insights from distinguished leaders from different sectors and geographies as we explore the most pressing issues that are challenging and changing our societies.

Apr 17, 2013

Feeding Nine Billion, What's cooking? A seminar from the Tällberg Forum 2012 with Philippe Vandenbroeck, System Thinker and Scenario Planner, shiftN, Belgium, Pete Ondeng, Director, East Africa Leadership Institute, Kenya, Jan Kees Vis, Global Director Sustainable Sourcing Development, Unilever, The Netherlands,...

Feb 20, 2013

Episode number 6: What future beyond our imagination?. A conversation on creativity with Mikael Hagström (SAS Institute, US), Arthur I. Miller (Author, UK), Peter Norman (Minister for Financial Markets, Sweden), Maria Strömme (Uppsala University, Sweden) Adam Hochschild (Author and Historian, University of California,...

Jan 30, 2013

Towards a climate of Trust?
Never has a human society required as much trust as the globalized society of today. How can we create trust? A conversation from the Tällberg Forum 2012 with Muhammad A. Rumee Ali, BRAC Bank, Bangladesh, Marie-Valentin Florin, International Risk Governance Council, Switzerland, Peter...